Free site inspection in Italy

Whenever possible, we recommend a visit to the Italian venues in your shortlist. We can co-ordinate site visits and offer you free support for a site inspection to any of the venues included in the venue proposal list.

Our site inspection service includes:
• Free support and organization of the schedule and appointments with those responsible for the rental of the space, the catering manager, hotel directors
• Free accommodation (where possible)
• Complimentary guest dinner

Making Your Budget Work

It is possible to organize events on any budget. Our priority is to give you the best value for money by managing at best your event budget. Our team is capable of negotiating the prices for each venue, combining availability, rates and contract conditions. There will be no mark-ups from our behalf on venue or service providers quotes. The fact that we have yearly contract with most suppliers is a guarantee that we ask no commission from the client. Our aim is to help you save money, time and any surprise.
We have excellent relations with our product suppliers and know personally the staff at hotels of conference centres and major venues. This is why we are able to deliver you with your desired service for corporate seminars, business meetings and special events, throughout Italy.
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Graphic concept, design and print management

We have an in-house Graphic Department that can create new concepts, original themes and imaginative solutions to support our clients. We can personalize communication material before, during and after travel, such as:
• Professional and creative invitations
• Event website design
• Graphic design and printing including event program, brochures, posters, CAD drawings, staging and set design.

VAT Refund Service

Tax Free items:
• Translations and interpreters’ services
• Staff: hostess, guides
• Flowers and mobile decorations
• Entertainment, music, photos and photographer, videos, event equipment (lights and sound)
• Team-building activities (not related to accommodation/catering)
• Gifts

Tax Recovery items:
• Accommodation (hotels, villas)
• Restaurants, catering, room hotel services
• Transportation (by land and by sea/water)
• Rental of public facilities (mansions, villas, museums)
• Team-building activities (related to accommodation/catering)

Our team assists you in reclaiming VAT, provides administration services, supports and deals with any local bureaucratic issues to obtain final re-imbursement for the client.

CSR – Green Events

Everyone is responsible for the environment and for supporting life on earth.
We are proud to be a sustainable company, and as such we aim to manage eco-sustainable events. This implies preserving the environment, taking into account aspects such as ethical trade and local sourcing in Italy.
To raise awareness of these responsibilities, we ask you to join us by:
• Defining and adjusting the environmental component of the location, by choosing the best “Green” venue where environmental responsibility is top priority.
• Assessing the environmental impact of travel options, offsetting carbon emissions
• Utilizing our online registration service which provides a totally paperless management. Delegates register online and receive communications electronically, and if unable to access a computer we offer a fax-back system using recycled paper.
• Proposing From-Farm-To-Table food, organic and locally produced.

Speakers and Testimonials

We can provide you with the perfect speaker for your event: motivational talks, post dinner speeches, economists, leadership and management gurus as well as business speakers.
We have all the necessary know-how and contacts to research, source and manage the most relevant and inspirational Italian and international speakers to address and motivate your group in Italy. Our experienced team knows which speakers are suitable for which groups.

Audio and Visual Technology

Highly specialized and experienced teams of stage designers, architects and new technology specialists are here to help you with their innovative spirit during all phases of your conference: design, planning, implementation of the event.
We can also provide the tools you need to deliver the perfect presentation. Choose from a wide range of audiovisual equipment to ensure that your message is clearly and effectively delivered to your audience.

Online Registration Management

A web-based management programme, Easycongress, is used to manage congress registrations, hotel bookings and travel arrangements for single participants and as well as for corporate delegations. Both customers and end-users receive 24/7 service.
This management system is connected to the administration department so as to ensure efficient, streamlined and functional management, along with a continuous and transparent monitoring of conference budgets.

Reservations and Issue of Air Tickets

We can arrange, book and issue international travel tickets for you. The team relies on its experience to ensure comfortable, safe and cost-effective travel for all your delegates.
Moreover, a key service provided is advice and recommendations on destinations, taking into consideration flight schedules, transfer times, connection times and costs.
The travel service includes:
• IATA license, providing full consumer protection.
• Appropriate availability at competitive fares
• Reservation and issue of tickets
• Exclusive charter aircraft
• Group check-ins
• Computerised access to over 5000 quality aircraft of official carriers worldwide
• Computer link to AMADEUS for slot and airway access, real time flight info & weather watch


We are well aware of the risks associated with managing any live event or conference, therefore, upon request, we can offer property damage insurance and liabilities insurance for any events: conference, exhibition, incentive.

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