2015, a golden year for incoming. Arrivals at +6.4%, thanks above all to the Germans

An excellent year. This is how the Italian incoming in 2015 can be described this way, based on the latest data recently released by ISTAT. The Statistics Institute reveals in fact that, during the past year, receptive facilities registered in total about 392.8 million presences (+15 million over 2014, equal to +4%) and 113.4 million arrivals (+7 million, equal to +6.4%).

Particularly, in hotels presences have been about 263 million and arrivals 89 millions (respectively +3.1% and +5.6% over the preceding year). During 2015 the main player, Expo, generated an authentic increase in the receptive facilities of Milan and for those involved in the event (+26.8%, almost 1.5 million nights more compared to the same period in 2014). The business segment, represented by business trips, made up 19.4% of travels and 9.2% of nights, decreasing however compared to the previous year. 

As far as the main arrival basins go, with 13.6% of presences in receptive facilities Germany confirms itself to be the first incoming market for Italy, followed with much inferior numbers (about 3%) from France, United Kingdom, USA and The Netherlands. notwithstanding the excellent performances, even in 2015 Italy continues to be the third country in Europe for presences in receptive activities after Spain and France. 

Going more into detail, on a regional level Veneto is the most visited area, and retains its record of the preceding years with over 63 million tourist presences. As far as cities are concerned, the most appealing destinations are, in order, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and lastly Rimini with an excellent 5th place. 

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