2016 in eight cities who hosted great events: there are those that go up and those that go down, from Milan to Rio, from Rome to Istanbul

From Milan to Rio de Janeiro, from Rome to Istanbul. If for many Countries 2016 has been an annus horribilis, for other is has been full of great events that had an effect also on the trend of tourism. The after Expo, for example, brought a decrease of up to 54% in Milan, whereas in Rome there has been no “Jubilee effect”, with decreasing prices throughout all 2016. 

To make conclusions is the Hotel Price Index di Trivago, the Observatory that analysed the average prices of hotels in international cities that have been under the limelight for the last 12 months and comparing them to 2015. The negative trend that Paris maintained for almost all 2016 (on average -16%) has improved partially in June, month of the European championships, where the difference with the rates of the previous year was “only” of -8%. After March the pricelists of Brussels went below 8%, whereas London has been more accessible with rates decreasing by an average of 20%. Rising prices in Istanbul compared to 2015 whereas the Olympics Agusut of Rio increase priceless by 36%.

Talking specifically of the Italian panorama, there is no doubt on the fact that 2015 was the year of Milan thanks to Expo. The great international event produced an increase of demand toward the Lombard capital, making hotel rates fly high, with peaks of 240 Euros per night, on average, in October, the last month of the Exhibition. In 2016, prices decreased of about 30% compared to the previous year. The situation is different in Rome, where the Jubilee of Mercy that began in December has not caused a raise in price lists. The average prices of the Roman hotels, on the other hand, have seen a decrease in average of -17% during the span of the whole year.

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