Alessandro Rosso Group involved in the Bologna & Emilia Romagna Expo 2019

Bologna will be the next to organise and host the International Horticultural Exhibition, the Expo dedicated to the world of garden and horticulture by the Executive Committee of AIPH (Worldwide Association of Flower Producers), which met in these days at Ratingen, in Germany. The exhibition will start on the 1st May and will end on the 31st October 2019. 

Bologna, and its territory, will be the place where the Expo will be organised with the participation of the Local Council of Bologna, the Emilia Romagna Region, the CAAB, the Chamber of Commerce Industry Craftsmanship and Agriculture of Bologna, also, Bologna Welcome, Alessandro Rosso Group and Fico Eataly World. The theme of this Expo is “Urban Regeneration and Urban Agriculture” and the claim “Grow Green, Eat Green, Live Green". There will be 50 Exhibiting Countries, over 500 companies, more than 1,500 events and about 3 million visitors from all over the world. The location chosen for the event is the Fico Italy World area and Parco Nord, apart from the Giardini Margherita, Parco della Montagnola and over 40 private gardens.

“We are happy for this prestigious acknowledgement” declared Alessandro Bonfiglioli, General Director of CAAB. “We worked very hard in the last months to elaborate and perfect the proposal: a commitment that has given its results”.

“Alessandro Rosso Group has been dealing for many years with Expo all over the world. We started in 2010 with Expo Shanghai and we continued, with a large involvement in Expo Milano 2015. The Expo of Milan has been an event that had not only business features, but that promoted exquisitely Milan and Italy in the world. We strongly believed in that Expo and we were the first in the world to sign a contract with Expo Milano 2015 as its Global Authorized Reseller. Personally, I define myself as an Expoptimist and, when the city of Milan won the tender for that Expo, I could not hold back from giving a significant contribution. As a businessman I deduced therefore to invest and to continue investing in an important manner in the world of International and Universal Exhibitions. For Expo Milan 2015 our Group acquired over two thousand tickets resold all over the world, through our platform Yourwaytoexpo.com, which we created purposely. A platform that we continued to use even for Expo Antalya 2016 and that we will use for future Exhibitions. The channels that we used to promote Expo Milano in the world have been many and diversified. We created a multilingual portal, that we promoted with a massive international communication campaign through Social Networks and Media both local and international. For the sale of tickets we also created an important network of Sub-Resellers in Italy and in 30 Countries in the world. We came up with tourist packages that promoted Milan and Italy that included the entrance ticket to Expo with advantages such as fast track through a reserved gate. These packages were promoted in Italy through over 5,000 travel agencies that collaborate with Best Tours Italia, the tour operators that were part of our Group, and abroad through promotional activities, press conferences, participations to fairs and meetings, roadshows among which those in China, Argentina, Russia, Japan and Europe. With one of our specialised companies for the construction and management of Pavilions, Alessandro Rosso Group dealt also with the construction of various Pavilions. The Group also managed both the restaurants or event areas. I feel that all this has also given an important weight to make Expo 2015 known and appreciated and our know-how to the world. Thanks to the great promotional activities carried out by our Group both in Italy as well as abroad, we organised hundreds of corporate and institutional events both inside the exhibition site as well as outside. After such a positive experience, we will continue to offer Italian and multinational companies a forefront place at every future Expo so that they can be the main players in the world”, commented Alessandro Rosso, Chairman of Alessandro Rosso Group.

“One thing I am particularly proud of is that of having been the creator and founder of the World Expo Commissioners Club. A club dedicated to the Commissioners, BIE Delegates, Pavilion Directors, Diplomats and Businessmen, with the aim of promoting Universal and International Exhibitions and create an important network of relations on an international level. Expo Milan 2015 has surely been an event to take as example for the organisation of future Expos and our Group has in fact decided to take the responsibility and the honour of bringing experience, competence and the developed organisational skills to future Exhibitions. After Expo Milan 2015, even Expo 2016 Antalya had our participation and today we are already dealing with Expo 2017 Astana, Expo 2020 Dubai and starting from today also of Expo Bologna in 2019 apart from other important initiatives always related to the world of Expo”, concluded Alessandro Rosso.



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