Alessandro Rosso opens the Football Museum in Milan: in the Galleria, a space dedicated to the champions of all times

Branded Alessandro Rosso, through his Seven Star Galleria and with the collaboration of Carlo Grimaldi and Stefano Megan, is the ambitious project of integrating the exhibition spaces of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II with the Museo Internazionale del Calcio La stringa d'Oro, which holds the DNA of the eternal champions in over 150 original objects used by players who set foot in most important stadiums of the world. 

The T-shirts, 84 pairs of shoes of players from 40 Countries, trophies and original memorabilia are exhibited in the over 400 metres squared on the 4th floor of the Galleria: a very careful choice of Federico Enrichetti’s collection. An animated itinerary that sees the selection of the best 25 players of history who best represented the necessary characteristics to obtain the Stringa D’Oro (Golden Shoelace): vision, strength, flair, technique and heart. A story of the generosity of the football of yesterday and of today, through players, stories and original objects. Inside the Museum there is also a section dedicated to Goalkeepers and Coaches that characterised the evolution of modern football as well as a description of the most important stadiums of the world.  

“We realised that we collected 150 DNAs of champions, in the future there might be scientists here perhaps to study them”, declared Alessandro Rosso to the press during the inauguration of the Museum space. As suggested even from the name of the location, every year the player who author of the most beautiful pass of the season will be awarded with the “Stringa D’Oro” Prize. The museum is set-up by DONTSTOP architecture  by Michele Brunello and Marco Brega who followed the input of Rosso, the businessman who in the past years has been bringing back to light even the most hidden and secret corners of the Galleria by the Duomo. The whole exhibition will be open with a scenographic entrance characterised by the exhibition of an original copy of the Champions League Cup, that the visitors will be able to raise and immortalised in a photo-souvenir with the most scenographic perspective of the Galleria: the view over the archivolt. 

The contents of the museum will be completed by some multimedia details through the scan of QR codes integrated in the graphics, minimising the visual presence of the multimedia components during the exhibition itinerary to keep the charm of authentic essential football, without denying the visitor of necessary virtual details. The city is thus enriched with a new exhibition location, open every day from 9:30 to 10:30 pm, which will widen the local itineraries and attractions even for groups and incentives from every place in the world. 



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