AWE Events, a gala dinner 37 Italian squares long

 AWE Events, the events division of Alessandro Rosso Group, creates another happening of large numbers. 37 town squares, 1,500 guests, one large table that ideally goes through and connects Italy: the event, unique in its kind, has been set up simultaneously in 35 different Italian cities. 

The leading characters of the evening, Alfa Romeo Giulia and 4C: the stars of a sophisticated “dinner in red” prepared for top clients by the brand in the most evocative town locations. The project studied by AWE Events planned 37 imperial tables for 40 people and a shared and simultaneous schedule that had the guests dining at the same time, feeling the main characters of a unique exceptional gala event. The creation of a “widespread format” made of almost 40 concurring events covering the entire peninsula is the first of its kind for the brand, and required a particularly complex productive and logistic organisation. The setting of the tables, dominated by black and red, and the live performance of a violinist for every location has made the mood of the evening an elegant one, creating the perfect set for the two vehicles placed at the “head of the table” just as a host would be. 

Marvellous locations and historic squares such as the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, Piazza Bodoni in Turin, the Chiostro del Bramante in Roma, Castel dell’Ovo in Napoles, were the backdrops for an original and unprecedented dinner, as it relates in a mini site created on purpose. “To plan and produce a real time live event involving so many cities required a large amount of organisation and flexibility: an important effort of which we can be proud”, declares Angela Gilli, Manager of Team Events & Communication by AWE Events. “The success of an event of this kind starts by interpreting an innovative way an apparently common need”, adds Filippo Marchiorello, Art Director of AWE Events, “This evening has been for us a great creative and productive performance.”

“I am particularly happy because to crown the enthusiasm for The Red Table news arrived in these days about the victory by AWE Events at the BEA 2016 for “Noi siamo Giulietta”, another event like no other created for Alfa Romeo”, concludes Daniele Rosso, Chairman of Alessandro Rosso Srl. 

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