Campi Flegrei, a flourishing of weddings at the feet of the Vesuvius

A large area of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, a “steaming” area for volcanic activity and with a very long history. Moreover, a short distance away from the center of Naples, it is one of the liveliest and fascinating Italian destinations. This combination of elements make the Campi Flegrei a location of excellence for fictions and television programmes, for wine and food events and above all for exclusive weddings. Even for foreign couples. 

Precisely to capture all the opportunities of this trend and to offer the best to clients in terms of quality and service, the Gruppo Laringe Network of companies has recently presented “Welcome” at the Campi Flegrei, a pool of local companies active in hospitality and catering. Part of this group are Il Gabbiano, Kora, Villa Eubea, Alma Eventi, Lido Giardino, Cala Moresca and the gourmet restaurant Caracol. The numbers are decisively interesting and confirm the Campi Flegrei as a new wedding destination. For the special yes day there are future weds who arrive above all from Holland, Belgium, United States, but also England and India. Apart from the couple also about thirty guests come along. 

“Let’s now talk of a fair competition”, declared the businessman Roberto Laringe to La Repubblica “both in the catering sector, where the Campi Flegrei can boast facilities of excellence capable of competing with the best destinations in Italy, as well as for hotels, as can be seen from the Federalberghi data regarding the encouraging economic revival of hotels in the area and the constant increase of foreign tourists who stay in the localities of Bacoli and Pozzuoli.” In 2015 the presences in hotel of the Group have reached 35 thousand units. During 2016 the weight of the Group on the total presences at the Campi Flegrei has risen by 20%, with the foreign clientele increased from 13 to 20% over the total. 

“For us the Welcome – insists Laringe – is the meticulous attention to detail, a warm welcome, though professional, it is the promotion of the territory as a whole. We aim at food and wine tourism that is in continuous evolution, on culture and hidden archaeology, but above all it is on a tourism that is able of offering new emotions, through the sharing of the extraordinary landscape beauties of the territory”. To confirm its vocation in the weddings department, the Group has been among the final candidates at the Italian Wedding Awards for the category “Italian Location” and participated at the Borsa del Matrimonio in Italia, the event created to respond to the growing request for celebrations in Italy by couples coming from abroad. 



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