CastaDiva, the starred event: chef Enrico Derflingher is arriving, elected the best in the world

CastaDiva Resort & Spa will re-open on the 10th March with great news: the collaboration with Chef Enrico Derflingher who, for all of the 2017 season, will bring his cooking philosophy to the Orangerie restaurant, on Lake Como, and will contribute to the creation of extraordinary events for the resort. 

The arrival of Derflingher highlights the strong vocation of CastaDiva in the continuous research for an offer capable of guaranteeing the highest levels of experiences, and always different. Each year the Resort offers, in fact, great names within its offer; an innovative idea that came from the success of the “Taste Symposium”, the food event that organised the presence of 7 chefs in 7 days. Chef Enrico Derflingher boasts an absolutely prestigious curriculum: at only 27 years of age he became the personal chef to the British Royal Family, first (and up to date the only) Italian chef and, following that, that of George Bush at the White House. During his carrier, he was nominated for seven times among the top ten to be part of the team of testimonials for the Lombard Region for the promotion of tourism and, on Lake Como, he is preparing to surprise with the collaboration of the Executive Chef Massimiliano Mandozi. 

“For those who, like me, have spent the last 20 years abroad, a resort such as CastaDiva, awarded the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality Award 2016, represents the best reality in which to be right now, to be back to admire this marvellous area of Italy, even though remaining in an international context”, says Chef Derflingher.

Surrounded by the evocative setting of Lake Como, the guests of CastaDiva will abandon themselves to this culinary experience. A unire experience even for the most demanding groups, that in this exclusive location will not only find the highest hospitality – with 73 rooms and 2 private villas – but also privileged spaces for business, declined in four flexible halls from 57 to 290 metres squared, with a capacity of 300 people, apart from scenographic external spaces. 




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