Companies, would you like more productive employee? You need a (business) trip

No gadgets, company rewards or even gratifications: employees work better if…travelling. Or rather, to motivate and make one’s employees more productive, companies should know that all it takes is a trip. Obviously a business trip: out of office missions, though implicating a larger commitment, improve working performances. 

This results arrives from Jobrapido, the leading search engine for work worldwide, that has conducted a survey specifically for our local market. As reported by the press agency AdnKronos, 46% of Italians declares to find more business motivation when travelling and 45% admits to applies only for positions that include various transfers. And technology has not changed this attitude: even though smartphones and devices allow smarter solutions, instead of a conference call or a videochat the majority prefers the “real” trip: for 54% of those interviewed physical contact with people is still important and only 16% would opt for a communication through media. Only 10% lives anxiously the moment of travelling. 

From those who anyhow choose to travel, 31% would prefer short trips to long ones, whereas only 13% would favourably welcome long periods abroad for professional reasons. And travelling seems to be good also from a carrier point of view: for 40% the contact with different places and persons is a continuous stimulus to improve ones activity and 25% is convinced that trips allow a faster professional growth. Lastly, an Italian fact probably: business travellers, if possible, prefer to go accompanied by a colleague in 37% of the cases. 

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