Courmayeur, the ex Hotel Majestic comes back to life: it will have the same ownership as the Chia Laguna Resort

One of the excellencies of hospitality in Val d’Aosta come back to life: from December 2018, in fact, the ex Hotel Majestic di Courmayeur will re-open. The ownership of the area – abandoned for 17 years – has been acquired by the Castello SGR of Milano, one of the main Italian independent companies for savings management specialised in common funds of building investment.

Castello SGR already owns the Chia Laguna Resort in Sardinia and the Fonte Verde Natural Spa Resort and Il Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort in Tuscany. As reported by the Il Sole 24 Ore, the project includes a re-qualification of the urban area through demolition and reconstruction with extension of the building complex: a hotel and residential complex will be built apart from spaces for commerce. At the end f the works, the hotel will be a luxurious facility of over 80 rooms. 

“With this operation Castello SGR – reads a note – confirms its leadership in investments on the luxury hotel tourism sector, completes its portfolio with a tourist offer related to the mountain and consolidates its position in the sector thanks to the over 1,900 rooms owned on Italian territory partly rented to primary national and international operators of hotels and in part managed by IHC, the Italian luxury and excellence hotel complex Made in Italy created by will of Castello SGR in 2014, with turnovers of about 43 million Euros.”

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