Creepy Teambuilding: in Rome arrives the Magic Escape Room themed after Houdini

For a highly adrenalinic and mysterious experience, there is a new possibility in Rome. On the 31st October the Magic Escape Room debuts in the Capital, the first in Italy with a magic theme. This is an environment inspired by the den of Harry Houdini, the greatest Illusionist and escapist of all times, who became famous for his impossible escapes.

This is not simply a game, but a proper, complete adventure. Perfect also for original corporate team building, the players are divided into groups (from 2 to 8 participants): the team thus will enter the perfect reconstruction of the study of the great magician, complete with the original wooden boiserie of the end of the 19th century. Once inside, the door will close behind them and the players will have 60 minutes time to free themselves and escape from the room. To succeed in this intent, the team – united, compact and collaborative, just as it should be within a company – will have to decipher a series of hints, each one of which will lead to the successive step, until the key that opens the door will opens. 

A fun experience, dynamic and unique, that will tickle the brains of the participants. The setting of the room, curated in the smallest detail, represents a true trip back in time and an elegant homage to the great Houdini: and precisely to celebrate the famous magician,the Magic Escape Room will be inaugurated on the anniversary date of his death, that happened in Detroit on the 31st October 1926. 



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