Enit and FICO Eataly together: the brand Italy is promoted with taste

Enit and FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina), the largest food-farming park in the world will open in Bologna in October 2017, together to attract millions of visitors through the promotion of the food and wine culture of our Country. This is objective of the collaboration agreement signed between the National Agency for Tourism and FICO Eataly World. 

The agreement includes that Enit – which has among its aims the promotion of food and wine products, that are typical and artisan in Italy and abroad – creates promotional activity for the large public, tour operators and media, in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with FICO Eataly World, as the reference company for the promotion and the knowledge of Italian food-farming. The agreement between Enit and FICO promotes the Italy of food basing on one of its most famous and appreciated aspects: it products, their manufacture, our great tradition and food and wine culture. In particular it includes that Fabbrica Italian Contadina acts as a tourist attraction on an international level, promoting the image of Italian life-style, above all for food and wine products. 

Oscar Farinetti, Founder of Eataly, declared: “During these ten years we promoted the products of our Country abroad thanks to Eataly. Today, with the Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, we have the extraordinary opportunity of brining to Italy million of people from all over the world, to show them the marvels of our biodiversity. FICO, spread through 80,000 metres squared and on a route of many kilometres, will offer a unique and unrepeatable experience:  to understand our agriculture, the food transformation, taste our food, take a ride on the 6 educational “merry-go-rounds” dedicated to fire, earth, sea, animals, wine and the future. Here, everyone can enjoy and learn, thanks to 30 events and 50 courses a day in classrooms, theatre and educational spaces, areas dedicated to sports and to children, to reading and to services, a cinema and a conference centre that can host from 50 to 1,000 people.”

Fabio Lazzerini, Administration Counsillor of Enit, declared “The strategy of Enit for the reinforcement of the Italy brand on traditional and new generation markets includes actions for the creation of new tourist segments and in this context the sector of the food & beverage offers great opportunities for development. The experience dimension justifies and supports the consumptions promoting the growth of our territories and our economy. The food and wine sector in this sense represents a cross-cut sector to refer to to unite the experience of creating tourism, developing local economies, respecting environmental sustainability and spreading the Italian life-style model.”



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