Facebook at Work is on the way: corporate events and communication become social

A “war” between socials is being forecast: nothing to do with the playful and leisure aspect of traditional platforms, however. Now the clash among titans is all played out on the level of business activities. Facebook has in fact announced that a platform will be ready in these days exclusively for professional use, called 'Facebook at Work'. 

In extreme synthesis, the new tool will serve companies and their employees to optimise their internal communications, using all the social elements that are now to familiar: from feeds to news to comments, from messages to the creation of corporate events. The project by Mark Zuckerberg, that openly challenges the Big one of the sector, LinkedIn, is in testing phase since 2014 for a restricted number of companies among which the Royal Bank of Scotland. Based on reports by the American website The Information, the social network will ask companies to pay for the service based on the number of employees using it. According to the American site Cnet, also, Facebook at work will be similar to the platforms Yammer and Slack, used by employees to bypass e-mails and old work systems, with an attention on apps for mobile devices. 

It is not the first time that Facebook comes up with the possibility of a social network dedicated to the world of business. A sector to which even other technological companies are dedicated. For example, Microsoft, which has recently acquired LinkedIn, has just announced that it will integrate its platform for companies, Yammer with that for productivity Office 365. Whereas Twitter, apart from Disney, is apparently aimed for by Salesforce, an American giant of cloud computing. 

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