Facebook, revolution in direct streaming: conventions and meetings will be available for the entire social network. Even from a PC

Direct streaming even from one’s PC? It seems likely. The good news, that could be a real revolution in the world of communication and making events go viral, arrive from Facebook. The big of social media, in fact, are competing with TV and various media.

According to leaks that appeared on the magazine AdWeek, the platform is going to make available an update to make Live sessions even from the computer, not only from the smartphone. The website explains that this new option is implemented gradually and at the moment it is available only for a small percentage of users. The live transmission on Facebook, made from the office computer, a meeting room but also a laptop, will support incorporated cameras in devices and even external or professional ones. Launched over a year ago and slowly extended to all registered users, Facebook Live is used by media but also by many common users and professionals. The Facebook Live Platform – that allows to transmit live videos and share only with “friends”, therefore a preferential plateau of users, or with the entire world of social network – allowed the company Menlo Park to increase its daily views with videos from 1 to 8 billion. 

According to rumours, as reported by Data Manager, Zuckerberg believes strongly in the possibilities offered by this technology and it seems that it struck partnerships with VIPs and opinion leaders to push them to use his live streaming platform. 

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