Florence obtains the 13th ECAMP conference: in 2019 700 delegates will arrive in the city

“We managed to obtain the convention over other European places – explains Professor Guglielmo Tino of the Università di Firenze and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare – and the winning element has been not only the choice of one of the most beautiful art cities, cradle of the Renaissance and the arts, but also the presence of a University, the Florentine one, with excellencies such as LENS (Laboratorio Europeo di Spettroscopia non Lineare), that can be compared to those of the most advanced countries of the world for the research in this sector”. The result is the fruit of a work of partnership between the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University, the OIC and Firenze Fiera that have backed the advantages of the place presented in the candidature phase last September in Frankfurt.


“Notwithstanding the lack of public funding for research, we manage to attract funding by the European Commission – continues Prof. Tino, Chairman of the Board of the convention – and we will be among the main players for the Progetto Bandiera Europeo “Quantum Technologies” that will start in 2018/2019 with an investment of 1 billion Euros.” The most ambitious project of all is that of building within 10 years a quantic computer capable of rapidly elaborating calculations that would take a supercomputer the same amount of time euqal to that of the age of the universe. All this with quantic systems whose essential elements are precisely atoms, molecules and photons. 

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