Franciacorta on two wheels: team building on a bike, discovering cellars and bubbles

An exciting guided tour in the territories where the famous bianco is produced, in the heart of Franciacorta, on an exciting itinerary between vine rows and cellars. All on two wheels, on board a modern mountain bike of high quality and, even on E-bikes with assisted pedal system. This offer by an organisation that is approved by the National Academy of Mountain Bike. The basic program includes a guided tour on mountain bike with visits and tastes at wine cellars. 

Naturally, the program can be 100% personalised according to the requirements of each group, which can be of 40-50 participants: kilometres, number and types of cellars to visit can be determined ad hoc, with possibilities of lunch breaks at typical restaurants, but also picnics directly in the vineyards or cocktails. In Franciacorta, after all, the possibilities after the visit and tasting are many, such as the visit to the artisan brewery, the Castle of Passirano, Montisola by boat, the historic centre of Iseo. 

For those groups looking for highly adrenalinic experiences, there are multi-sport games available combined with some of the sports centres of the area: for example a tour by bike can be combined to a passionate session of wakeboard on the Lake or a trial at climbing on rocks. The list of activities offered includes, specifically for corporate groups, some tailor made team building: the most popular is that which includes a tour amongst the rows of vines and challenges at selected cellars, such as treasure hunts among the vines. The prizes? Obviously bottles of excellent Franciacorta.

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