From Etna to the Navigli in Milan, the top ten of Italy’s marvels according to international travellers

Ten places in Italy to visit at all costs, even for only a couple of hours after a business meeting. The classification of the 10 national attractions in fact is here, a top ten drawn by international travellers who cast their preference on TripAdvisor.

“Autumn is an excellent season to explore Italy and its wonders”, declares Valentina Quattro, spokesperson of TripAdvisor for Italy, and the Attractions Trend Index, drafted based on the comparisons of the year by year researches carried out on the platform, reveals that the number one attraction for Autumn 2016 is Mount Etna, in Sicily. The vulcano outside Catania, proclaimed a Unesco site in 2013, registered a boom of interest in the last year: +54% compared to 2015. In second place is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (+39%), in Florence, the third largest church in the world, whereas the podium is complete with the Basilica di San Pietro in Rome (+38%). Going through the list, in fourth place there is another volcano, the Vesuvius (+34%), in Naples, in fifth place is Piazzale Michelangelo (+34%), in Florence, and in sixth place the Mercato Centrale (+31%), again in Florence. Inaugurated in the Spring of 2014 the Florentine Urban market has become one of the main meeting places of the city for travellers and local people alike. 

A similar location to the area of Trastevere (+26%), in Rome, in seventh place in the list, one of the most characteristic places of the city. Again in Florence, in eighth place, with the Galleria degli Uffizi (+24%), whereas in ninth we’re back in the Capital with the very famous Piazza Navona (+18%). However in tenth place there is Milan, along its Navigli (+15%), in the centre of the Milanese movida and the story of the city. “These trendy attractions of our Attraction Trend Index can help travellers find inspiration from the Italian beauties that are conquering the interest of other travellers”, emphasises Valentina Quattro. 

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