Gamification: when the success of an event depends on game. The rules of the engagement

There is a specific term, since a couple of years, to define the activity: gamification. An activity that during the last months, with the thorough diffusion of smartphones and tablets, allowed event organisers to involve more the public, stimulating to participate to contests and quizzes. 

The experts at Powervote – company born in France in 1993 and with a twenty year experience in the engagement – confirm the success of gasification, which has had an increasingly important roles since 2016. In this area, though, the technology one has is fundamental, for example using photo cameras of mobile phones of the participants to take photos of the event taking place, reading QRcodes on the badges of delegates and sharing the fun on social media to obtain bonus points. The objective, therefore, is to capture the public with solutions that are more efficient, such as the App of the French group, which allows to involve all the participants directly on their own devices. 

The organisers, therefore, can for example challenge the participants among each other in healthy competitions, given bonus points when they interact with other; obtaining instant feedback from the guests, asking questions at the moment, also by asking questions on the spot, gathering thus immediate and honest replies and comments. And, obviously, stimulating sharing on socials, sensibly increasing the marketing impact of the event. 

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