Genoa, in December the 16th century Palazzo Grillo comes back to life: it will be a dream hotel with spaces for events

Three years of work for a detailed and respectful restoration, an investment of over 6 million Euros and an amazing outcome: in December, right in the centre of Genoa, Palazzo Grillo, an ancient noble mansion from the 16th century comes back to life.

The wonderful facility will reopen with a new look: it will be in fact a luxury hotel, with frescoed rooms and halls by Bergamasco, the painter Giovanni Battista Castello and the Genoese painter Domenico Piola. In total the rooms and suites will be 25, many of which with view over the beautiful Piazza delle Vigne, as well as two noble halls and exhibition spaces – about 400 metres squared that are perfect also for meetings and high profile events – as well as a terrace with a view over the rooftops of the city. As reported by Genovatoday, the executive residence should be inaugurated by next Christmas: managing it will be Matteo Paini, already owner of another period house in Piazza delle Vigne. 

“We won the Art tender, which dealt with the restoration and restructuring works, not only with the economic proposal, but also the architectural one. Our scope is to offer clients a unique experience, and at the same time it gives value to the Palace as much as possible, 2,500 metres squared on 5 floors that will be available for guests. We are expecting the right furnishing, as advised by experts, and will soon begin the set-up of the rooms, most of which will overlook the square”, explained Paini. Even in its renewed state of place of charm, the Palazzo will still remain open to the public to visit in occasion of the upcoming Rolli (the days in which ancient Genoese noble mansions, UNESCO heritage sites, will open their doors), even though not entirely. “We are studying a way of making the most interesting parts of the building accessible to visitors, finding a balance between the cultural and the tourist world”, concludes Paini. 

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