In 2017 Italia wi-fi will debut: a unique network over all the national territory, open to citizens and foreign visitors

Already during the first months of 2017 all, Italian citizens and foreign visitors from other countries, will be able to connect freely to a wi-fi network present throughout the whole national territory. Initially the service, called Italia wi-fi, will have 28 thousand access points dislocated in squares, hotels, trains, restaurants, museums. A network that is accessible through only one password, as anticipated by La Repubblica, which reveals also that there are already two million Euros of funds available for its first phase of development, result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Cultural Goods and Activities and fo Tourism and the Agency for Italian Digitale. This will be the first wi-fi network on a national level and it will follow the user “step by step”, through a unique digital identity of the user.


The main aim of the initiative is to help Italian tourism grow thanks to an intelligent digital platform intelligente, overcoming the technological delays that we have with the rest of Europe in this sector. Travellers coming from abroad, to access the network, will only have to give the system their mobile number to receive a password, which will be valid forever. Incoming fluxes in our Country, therefore, will be able to rely on an easy, fast and free access to the internet all over the national territory. Not only: as reported on La Repubblica, “The effect will be double, at this point.


Firstly, the Italian tourist system will have a deep information database, compared to nothing before, of the habits of tourists: it will therefore balance better its strategies; secondly, the user will be able to receive personalised offers (from public or private subjects) related to one’s tastes and the itinerary chosen: travel advice, transport to take, exhibitions, events and so on. Everything, on an app (on its way) by Italia w-fi”. For travellers there are also other advantages: “Thanks to the unique identity connected to the network it will be possible to simplify and also automise access to services, transport, tourist locations”, explains Edoardo Colombo, one of the highest experts of digital tourism. The tourist connected to the wi-fi will be able to carry out an automatic check-in in hotels or enter exhibitions or museums, or use public transport, without showing one’s ticket: the access identity will already count in fact all the necessary information, such as tickets, for example.”

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