In Florence the new The Other Theatre: a new experience format for groups

Adding emotion to an event, going through spaces that are rich in history and culture, walking on mythical stages, building value together: this is what the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana is proposing with The Other Theatre, the company dedicated to experience and relation marketing that opens the doors of the theatre for collaborations of excellence and innovation.

The spaces are those of the historic theatres of the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, today a national theatre, spaces that have kept through the years a lasting relation with the city but which today look ahead for innovation and contamination and launch a new challenge that is parallel to the permanent and institutional activity. Made to measure events with wonderful settings in a spectacular context thanks to the supervision and “direction” of the theatre itself. In this sense a new cultural “brand” is born based on the duo “business and theatre”, “food and theatre”, “tourism and theatre” and that above all helps these different areas to dialogue among each other. Events that more than using the space offered by Teatro della Toscana, they interpret it. A creative and open new generation Factory for a theatre full of life that intercepts new formats and offers new methods of using it even as a meeting and discussion place and opening up to society, to operators, to businesses, as a privileged stage for communications projects, high range events, entertainment in tourism. 

For the first time the theatre relates itself, it shows itself by opening its doors to society as well as to travellers looking for experiences to share and for emotions. However on the other hand it is also a theatre that becomes “exclusive” location and brings to life innovative projects and products lending the most fascinating of spaces to institutions, leading companies, associations, research institutes. Exclusive locations, capable of satisfying the new tendencies of cultural consumption as well as conviviality, lifestyle and travel. Among the locations involved, the Teatro della Pergola, a historic theatre of Florence and one of the most ancient and rich in the history of Europe (over 350 years of history) stands out, first great example of Italian-style theatre, and the Teatro Niccolini, built back in 1650 and unique example in Europe with the main hall on the first floor of the building. 

Apart from traditional guided tours in Italian and English, there are also workshops and show tours, such as theatrical workshops inside the spaces that are the production heart of the theatre, where the scenes are made up, the costumes and all the elements of the scene are built, guided tours where the visitors can go through a series of multidisciplinary experiences in which scenographers, woodworkers, carpenters, light technicians, painters, dress-makers, costume designers give shape to the scenic idea and sensory itineraries with the use of the entire scenic machine and its spectacular mechanisms. 

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