Incoming, back to the past: Italian Medieval style experiences are back

These are not simply places, they are original “experience histories”, capable of making visitors coming from afar fall in love with them. But, above all, these are golden occasion for Italian incoming which could register double digit increases. We are talking about the offers by the Associazione Nazionale Comuni Luoghi del Medioevo, created specifically to “put on the network those small realities, made of 5 to 20 thousand inhabitants, with a strong identity related to the Middle Ages, for its urban characteristics, culture, hagiography.” A real Medieval Italy which today, starting with Pescia counts 13 districts as members from five regions (San Leo, Serravalle Pistoiese, Cassine, Incisa Scapaccino, Cremolino, Mombaruzzo, Montabone, Mombaldone, Casteldelci, Savognano sul Panaro, Madruzzo, Saint Denis).

“By the end of the year”, say Oreste Giurlani (also Mayor of Pescia) and Renato Chiti, Chairman and Acting Director of the A.N.C.L.M., “even Pienza, Volterra, Montepulciano, Filizzano, Coreglia Antelminelli and San Miniato will officially become part of the Association. However on 8,150 localities, in Italy, 800 have a codified Medieval initiative.” “The Middle Ages often – adds Chiti – is seen are the dark century. In Italy above all it remains hidden under other types of cultural tourism, related to the Renaissance and Baroque. We want to promote and give it an identity, qualifying even overseas, so as not to be seen as the tourism of the bagpipes: this is not our Medieval characteristic.” A niche within cultural tourism, but with great potential. “A study on the fluxes in Trentino – he continues – calculates +10% of incoming from the market of North America”, at the moment considered the most interested together with “Poland, Austria and England.”

As reported by Ansa ViaggiArt, work is being done around three main lines of thought, together with Enit: the Historic roads, from Cassia to Via del Sale, “to promote places such as the Rocca di Staglia and Poggibonsi, which are not well known as much as Siena, but placed under a common brand can attract the interest of tour operators”; historic re-enactments and direct experiences, such as Cellars&Castles, one of the first Medieval Italy products and main theme of the VI Festival of Medieval Tourism, in Trento on the coming 15th-16th October. However visitors, including groups might find themselves amidst the Paglio degli Arceri in Pescia or in the middle of the Balestro del Grifalco at Massa Marittima. Walking on the traces of Saint Francis or on the wall of the Rocca di Staggia. And also trying out the real life of a Knight by sleeping underneath the frescoes of Castello Zumelle or discover the vicissitudes of the pilgrims and travellers at the Ancient Hospital of Bigallo. The works of the Association are in full swing: they are studying the synergies of the most beautiful Towns of Italy and the Orange Flags, aiming much on “public-private collaborations. First dream? To go back next year to Enit with a product that is so qualified as to obtain the touristic category.”



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