Italian luxury conquers the wealthy all over the world: they like film type of buildings and villas

A double number growth for the demand of luxury locations in Italy by the foreign big spenders. Villas with swimming pools and wellness areas, prestigious mansions that have been film sets, such as the Tuscan farmstead where the director Bernardo Bertolucci filmed “Io ballo da sola”: the foreign request for extra luxury accommodation in Italy has increased by 50% during the last five years. 

Not even the rates seem to be a problem, rates that can reach various thousands of Euros. The image of tourists with a large spending capacity who choose Italy has been drawn by Windows on Italy, a company of the Leonardo Ferragamo group, which has analysed the behaviour of 1,200 clients. Among the mandatory requests are high level service with 5 star treatment, safety, proximity to the main tourist locations and art cities. Many are the particular needs: from a stay at the theatre villa of the film Quantum of Solace, of the James Bond series, or in the one that hosted the actor Roger Moore. 

Some clients prefer enjoying the Palio of Siena with a view from the balcony over Piazza del Campo, other want to rent a Ferrari and luxury cars, participating in a private lesson with a starred chef, being cooked freshly picked products from the kitchen garden of the villa, listening to the melodies of a private orchestra, experiencing the thrill of a fishing trip, enjoying the view from the height of a helicopter or hot air balloon. As regards destinations, the favourite are Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily. 45% of the bookings comes from anglo saxon countries (USA, UK, Australia and Canada), however the presence of Russians, is constant, above all in Versilia. 

“Our booking have increased by 30% during the period that was taken into study, and this data indicates clearly that counting on tourism, and particularly on that tourism that requires quality and excellence, has a great potential of growth”, explains Nicola Pardini, CEO of Windows on Italy.



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