Italy, the business travel market grows by 10%. Expenditures are more contained: thus the train beats the airplane

More transfers, less expenditures, more train and less airplane. This, in a very brief summary, is the result of the Business Travel Survey, the periodic survey on business travel by Uvet Global Business Travel, presented in Milan during the 14th edition of the BizTravel Forum, recently held at Fiera Milano City.

During the first nine months of 2016, in fact, the number of business travel increased by 10% compared to the same period in 2015, but the average expenditure per transfer continued to decrease. Compared to 2015 the average cost decreased by 13 Euros. Taking into considering the last triennial 2014-2016, the number of transfers has increased by 24% whereas the costs of travel only by 8%. Maybe even for this general tendency to reduce expenses, the use of the train, increases compared to the airplane, obviously as far as national routes are concerned. As an effect of competition of high speed, train rates have decreased by 12% since the first trimestre of 2014.  Today the average cost of a train ticket is 47 Euros, during the first months of 2014 it was 55 Euros. Even the prices of of the tickets of the main national air routes have decreased in the last 9 months (-14% compared to the year before), just as airport taxes have diminished significantly.

As far as air traffic in general is concerned, domestic registers the biggest growth placing at 10% compared to 2015. European traffic, after a halt in 2015, restarts with an increase of 7%, intercontinental traffic shows on the other hand a decrease compared to 2015 by 3%. Based on a sample of 700 companies clients of Uvet Global Business Travel, with travel expenses included between 20 thousand and 15 million Euros per year, the Business Travel Survey shows how an increase in the number of transfers is accompanied by a reduction of average costs, going from 244 Euros of the first nine months of 2014 to 213 of 2016. A trend that has been lasting for quite some time in the sector, contrary to the inflation registered both on a general level as well as in the transport sector. 

“Even during 2016 – says Luca Patanè, Chairman of Uvet group  – to the reduction in average price per trip registered by the Business Travel Managed corresponded an increase in volumes and therefore in trips sold. These characteristics are important because the Business Travel Managed generates savings for companies of the country, created efficiency and competitiveness for the service of the whole economic system.”

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