Italy, the most photographed destination in the world on Instagram. It is an incoming champion in Extra EU countries

Records again for Italy. Italy, in fact has become the first European tourist destination, among the countries belonging to the Schengen area, for presences coming from Extra EU Countries. The sentiment of foreign travellers who visited our country is very high, equal to 82.4%. 

This data finds confirmation also on social media: Italy is the most photographed Country in the world on Instagram, with 54.4 million images tagged with the hashtag #italy. This is only some of the data reported by ENIT in occasion of the ITB of Berlin, one of the largest international fairs of the sector. And looking at Germany extremely interesting and positive info regarding incoming was collected, insuring 53 million presences. The tourist expenditure of the Germans in Italy in 2016 has seen +5% compared to 2015; 8.6 is the flattering vote that German visitors gave to their last trip in Italy. The most visited regions were Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna; those that are mostly appreciated, with the highest sentiment expressed through online reviews, are Basilicata, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige and Sicily. 

Italy confirms to be the second tourist destination for the Germans with a market share of 7.9%, but it is important to highlight the absolute record as food and wine destination. Not only: the German public, historically deep and sophisticated connoisseur of Italy, expresses its increasing attention to lesser known  and more sustainable itineraries that allow to try the most authentic Italian uniqueness. Next to the consolidated request of mountain, cultural and sea tourism, there is a developed request for new tourist products and for new methods for a Made in Italy style of stay. ENIT has therefore developed, between tradition and innovation, a specific promotional strategy for Italian towns precisely during the Year of Towns promoted by the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini.

“Italy owns a considerable cultural heritage spread throughout its territory – declared Franceschini – it is acknowledged and appreciated around the world for fashion, cuisine, design and its way of life. This makes us one of the most desirable tourist destinations, an immense potential that can be exploited through a shared promotion of the Country, as shown by the pavilion set up by ENIT together with the Regions with a unique vision that allows all realities to show themselves under the same name of Italy.”

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