Leonardo Da Vinci Experience: in Rome the debut of the trip through the entire ouvre of the Italian genius

A trip through the entire ouvre of Leonardo da Vinci, in a unique exhibition and a unique location. This is now possible in Rome, even with visits dedicated to groups. The permanent exhibition on Leonardo has in fact opened with a collection of 50 never seen before machines and the reproductions certified by 23 most famous paintings of the genius: from the Gioconda to the Last Supper. 

This is a unique museum in the world, with famous works of art made in actual size and built with materials and procedures that were typical of Renaissance workshops; a multimedia itinerary of over 500 metres squared divided into 5 themed areas. Suitable even for an after meeting int he Capital, this is a fascinating trips through paintings, mechanics, projections, holograms and didactic audios. The museum has been set up in Via della Conciliazione, 19, close to the Saint Peter’s Basilica; Leonardo ideally meets Michelangelo and Raffaello, therefore, in a fascinating triangle of the greatest geniuses of the Italian Renaissance. 

All the works in the museum have been made by Bottega Artigiana Tifernate, official providers also for the Louvre, British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, re-created with the revolutionary technique of pictography and hand painted, true works of art approved by the standards of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

“The position of this museum, the quantity and the loyalty of the works of art reproduced and exhibition within it – Leonardo La Rosa told Askanews, Chairman of the Arts and Culture Society – make Leonardo Da Vinci Experience a unique occasion in the world to delve in the life and works of the greatest genius of all times. The exhibition itinerary is dedicated to an ageless public without borders or origins: a lively exhibition, dynamic and in continuous evolution, that intend to continue to grow constantly and project to the future in view of 2019, the year in which the five-hundredth anniversary from Leonardo’s death will be celebrated.”

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