Luxury, a sector that has no crisis: a business of 1,000 billion per year

The luxury compartment is the segment that, since many years, grows the most in the worldwide market of tourism. This is one of the main indicators presented at Palazzo Marino in Milan from a research promoted by the Borsa Internazionale del Turismo, Bit 2017 (planned in fieramilanocity from the 2nd to the 4th April), carried out by the Master in Tourism Economy of the Università Bocconi of Milan in one of the currently most interesting segments, Luxury. 

The research Luxury Tourism has shown how the concept of luxury related to travel is always less connected to material goods and increasingly to the experiences and that it offers challenges to the tourist industry based on needs such as exclusivity, personalisation and segmentation of the market. In general, the luxury compartment produces turnovers for companies on a global level for over 1,000 billion Euros per year. Of these, 183 billion come from hotels (+4% growth during the last year), 112 billion from Food & Beverages (+4%) and 2 billion from the luxury cruise segment (+5%).

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Europe and North America represent 64% of the main basin of luxury trips, however, new categories with vast expenditure capacity increase in all the regions of the world (Pacific Asia is the one that is predicted to grow the most from now to 2025). The main activities practiced by luxury travellers are gourmand dinners, guided tours and learning new notions. Following are culture, nature and entertainment. 

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