Megawatt Court, the Milanese location becomes even more beautiful: Open Day on the 1st and 2nd December

With the works finished, the large location only 10 minutes from Tortona area – the design district par excellence of Milan – is even more beautiful. After very busy weeks, mounting, dismantling, breaking, rebuilding, testing, trying, Megawatt Court is ready to be rediscovered.

A complex of 9,800 metres squared in total, divided in 3,600 metres squared of exhibition area, 1,000 metres squared of storage space, 1,500 metres squared of office space, backstage, work station, 3,700 metres squared of external spaces with garden and private parking. Ideal for fashion shows, conventions, fairs, conferences, exhibitions, television productions and advertising. The works have maintained intact its post-industrial charm of a warehouse, whereas the technical performances of the space have been totally revolutionised: new entrance, new heating systems and air conditioning, increase in capacity thanks to the adjustment to the most recent security regulations, increase in the available electric capacity, American equipment, lights, audio system, scenographic light system of the metal cages. Moreover, possibilities and tools to facilitate set-ups and any possible division of the space have been included. 

Now the complex, managed by Milano Space Makers, a very qualified professional team that comes from an exhibition and commercial space management background in Vai Tortona, it is perfectly equipped to host events of any kind and size. All this close to Navigli and the charming Borgo di San Cristoforo; an area which is little frequented but already emerging. To present the new changes to organisers of events and companies, an Open Day has been organised on the 1st-2nd December, in Via Watt 15 from 10am to 7pm.


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