Milan, champion even after Expo: in 2016 the occupancy of the rooms is actually better than the year before

Those who said the Milan would have gone back to be one of the “Cinderella” of destinations, once the effect of Expo was over, were much mistaken. Milan, on the other hand, it confirms all its appeal and its hospitality vocation even after Expo. A survey by the Chamber of Commerce of the city reveals in fact how the past year has done really well after the Universal Exhibition overcoming in just a few months the numbers of the previous year.  


Particularly, apart from the months of January when the occupancy of the rooms in the hotels was at a standstill at 51% against the 59% of 2014 and 56% of 2015, and March (61% in 2016 against the 67% in 2014 and 63% in 2015), in February the numbers appeared to be more comforting with a 68% against the 61% in 2014 and 64% in 2015. Thus even during April (70% against 65% and 68%) and May (73% against 71% of the previous two years). June registered a slight decrease (67% against 69% in June 2014 and 77% in 2015), to go back to grow compared to 2014 during the months of July (69% against 63%), August (49% against 45%), September (81% against 75%) and October (73% against 72%).


The performance during November, the last month to be recorded, was brilliant, with data of occupancy of the rooms arrived at 72% overcoming both the 66% of 2014 as well as the 69% of 2015. 

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