Milan, in piazza Liberty a new Apple Store among the most innovative in the world will open: it will have an amphitheatre for events

“Building a new space open for public fruition, dedicated to the offer of cultural events, with benefits for tourism and positive effects on an occupational level.” With this aim the City of Milan established an agreement with Apple Store Retail Italia s.r.l. and with the  Società Immobiliare Cinematografica s.r.l., owner of the complex Cinema Apollo together with the Banca Popolare di Milano, which will lead to the building of an Apple Store in Piazza Liberty, right in the heart of the Lombard capital city. 

“It is an ambitious project and has a great international spirit that will bring to the city a new place for the Milanese and for visitors”, emphasises the Counsellor for Urban Design Pierfrancesco Maran in a press release. “The opening of one of the most prestigious brands on an international level, also, shows how greatly attractive Milan is at this moment and strengthens further the role of the city as an international showcase and a cultural and economic attraction pole.” The works, which will lead to the creation of one of the most innovative and technological Apple Stores in the world, includes a lowering of the central part of Piazza Liberty with the building of an amphitheatre open to the public and available to host events. The amphitheatre, made of steps, represents the heart of the square and will unite the level of the same with another space, placed on an intermediate level between the square and the underlying shop. 

Behind this area there will be a glass screen wall with a waterfall of water, that will mark the entrance to the shop situated at -3.24 metres from the level of the square. To the store one can enter even from the stairs that will be made within the “Portal”, a glass structure at the sides of which will be placed two water filled pools, apart from two flights of stairs placed on the sides of the steps and by a lift placed in the square to guarantee the complete accessibility to the store. The internal spaces that currently host Cinema Apollo will be completely restored, the flooring will be redone, the grids by via San Paolo will be repositioned and some trees will be planted. 

In the light of this agreement, Apple will have to organise every year at least 8 high cultural and social profile, free public events in agreement with the Administration and propose to the City Council another 4 events a year. 


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