Naples, at the City of Science will open the first European museum dedicaetd to the human body: the perfect incentive for companies

Found at Bagnoli, inside the Città della Scienza, is the first European Interactive Museum dedicated to the knowledge of the human body. Called “Corporea”, the museum complex has recently been inaugurated, exactly fours years after the fire that destroyed the Science Centre, a building that should be rebuilt in three years. 

The new museum – together with the 3D Planetarium of 120 places, one of the most modern in Europe, which will be inaugurated next 19th March – is built on 5 thousand metres squared. It shows over 100 exhibits, sensory experiences and workshops in which it will be possible to learn in a fun way. The uniqueness of Corporea is that of integrating a traditional exhibition language with museum loans and historic collections, with hands-on experiments introducing the world of Fab Lab and of Makers as an experiment to experience directly. To make this it was necessary to put together competencies, studies and highly creative inputs result of many subjects: from those that operate in the City of Science to the Protom Group (a Neapolitan company that curated the context inside the museum project), from Studio Gris to Archimedes Exhibitions. All this in harmony with a scientific committee made of experts of international fame. 

Therefore, a great opportunity also for companies, that can choose the museum as the incentive activities after  meetings. Also because in the same complex there is a very modern Conference Centre, a large and vast system of rooms and spaces, with a total capacity of about 2,000 places; it is made in fact of 13 halls, with a variable capacity between 10 and 1,000 places. 



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