NearIT, here’s the app that anticipates requests: this way the event is at hand on your smartphone

All the convention  or the conference within reach on an app. In short, finding the location of the event, finding the rooms where the speeches are held, but also express the level of satisfaction of a conference without having to make use of plasma screens, depliants, paper vouchers, and mailing lists becomes very easy and available on smartphone. 

The answer comes from a brand new app that uses the tools of mobile proximity: NearIT, a start-up from Bergamo, has developed a product – more precisely a Software Development Kit or SDK – that allows every event to simplify its communication. In fact, the app substitutes the use of sms notifications, resolves queuing problems in front of the screens of the timetable of events and the need of dedicated staff for the distribution of informative materials. All this technically is reduced to a definition, Location-based content: that is an informative service capable of sending personalised notifications through smartphone based on the geographic position of the same devices (and therefore to the single people moving with them). 

NearIT – with all its potential – will be used from the 12th to the 14th October during the annual conference by Pragma Mark, one of the largest communities of developers on a national level as far as the world of Apple, is concerned, and sees the participation of over 350 developers, 60% of which coming from other European countries. In detail, NearIT will allow the app of the event to communicated personally with each participant during the three days of the convention in Verona. Once the mobile app of Pragma Conference 2016 is downloaded from iTunes, the participants coming from abroad will be able to, thanks to NearIT, be reached by the organisers at the moment they land at the airport of Verona  or Orio al Serio and the station of Verona Porta Nuova with a welcome message together with a link on how to reach the location of the event thanks to the localisation through GPS. After that, once arrived at the Hotel San Marco – the location for the workshops and the conferences – a number of beacon transmitters (that send messages via short range bluetooth)found at the entrance and inside the conference hall will recognise the participants at the moment they walk in and this will allow, through a link, to view any additional information about the speaker. 




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