Padua, works start on the new Conference Centre: it will be the largest in the north-east

Padua is preparing for its next future as MICE destination, capable of hosting large events: works have in fact started for the building of the new Conference Centre, that will take the place of the Palazzo delle Nazioni – the Pavillion 10 of the Fair Grounds – which has now been neglected for about a decade. As reported on the Mattino di Padova, this will be a great event for the city, as witnessed also by the words of the Mayor Massimo Bitonci: “Here will be built the largest conference centre of the NorthEast. It is a satisfaction and a 20 million Euro building site. I would like to thank Massimiliano Pellizzari (Chairman of Fiera Immobiliare Spa, who managed the entire operation, editor’s note) and all the Administrative Board, the specialists and members who believed in this important iniative.”

The project, by archistar Kengo Kuma includes a large hall for 1,620 places: 828 places on the first floor, 396 on the second, 396 on the third and a foyer of 408 metres squared. And also an Auditorium of 533 metres squared, another two Medium Halls capable of hosting 222 and 210 delegates respectively, and a series of small multifunctional rooms that occupy about 300 metres squared. Moreover: a restaurant of 233 metres squared, a bar od 201 msq and a bistrot of 180 msq. If everything goes the way it should, the works will end in 24 months and the new Conference Centre will be inaugurated in 2018. 

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