Palermo is the Italian capital of Culture for 2018: the city gets a make over to host the great events

Palermo is the Italian capital of Culture for 2018. This was communicated by the Presidency of the Panel Stefano Baia Curioni to the Minister of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, Dario Fransceschini. The Sicilian city won over the competition of Trento, Aquileia, Settimo Torinese, Montebelluno, Recanati Comacchio, Ercolano, Alghero and the localities around the town of Erice.

There are many activities in store for the coming year, among which stands out the creation of a telematic platform “culture and free time” within the Pon Metro programme, with the aim of creating a Portal for the Territory for the artistic and monumental heritage, the natural and environmental heritage, traditions and food and wine products, cultural traditions, culture in general, reception facilities and restaurants, cultural and recreational events. All cultural resources for the times and entrance methods for theatres, monuments, sports facilities, libraries, will need to be working clockwork; sharing access to the library heritage of the entire metropolitan area through the creation of a unique booking and consultation portal; make a new tourist services booking system, capable of offering traditional solutions (transport, lodging, dining, and itinerary) but also the promotion of the products of the territory becoming a true territorial marketing portal. 

Then there will be the functional re-organisation of cultural spaces. This is the rethinking of the management and use of spaces, according to the “Poles” criteria. The poles identified are: local Theatrical Pole (that includes among other the Montevergini, Garibaldi, Sala De Seta, Spasimo); the Exhibition Pole with GAM, Palazzo Ziino, ZAC, Ecomuseum of the Sea); the Archive-Library Pole (Local Library, Historic Archives) and the Etno-Anthropological (Pitrè Museum, Palazzo Tarallo) with a project based on a strong collaboration between public and private sectors, on the reinforcement of the synergies with the cultural association of the city and on the collaboration among institutions (Local Council, Academy ,Conservatory). Among the many places designated to host event and activities for Palermo 2018, the cultural sites of the Zisa, the Teatro Massimo, Palazzo Sant’Elia, the Loggiato San Bartolomeo, the Complesso dello Spasimo, Palazzo Branciforte, Complesso di Sant’Anna alla Misericordia, the Museo Civico di Castelbuono. 

In 2018 Palermo will also host Manifesta 12, one of the main contemporary art biennales on a worldwide scale, a great event that will be further attraction for tourist influxes of tourists from all over the world. 




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