Powervote, the app that reveals the tricks for the perfect event

Powervote is the name of an app for the organisation of events created in France but available also on the Italian market, and helps events organisers to create the perfect happening, whatever it may be. The experts of Powervote, reports Startupper, the digital magazine dedicated to technological innovations, has thus made a list of all the moves to follow so as to make every event a success. 

One: identify clear and precise aims, starting from hearing all the requirements of the client up to the writing of very accurate planning and time-line, so as to allow an immediate follow-up. Two: chose the right team, because the team and its relative skills are the true added value of an event; Three: know the target of the event, promote and plan the communication strategy, combining traditional media and social marketing. Four: choose the right location and service providers, based on an agenda of “correct” and updated addresses. Five: respect the budget, an essential aspect to satisfy the client and to create an event according to economic availability and possibilities. Six: follow up report, so as to measure the development and eventually correct the “aim”, even for a following event. 

The app by Powervote works as a registration desk, support centre, message system with other participants, list generator: a sort of hub with all the information concerning the event.

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