Presenting Altagamma Italian Experiences by IC Bellagio: the best of Made in Italy for the richest travelling to Italy

There are experiences that are priceless. For example, extraordinary wine tasting in the most famous cellars – say the Allegrini Family cellar that produces the famous Amazon – or meetings face to face with the most admired businessmen of Made in Italy, such as Brunello Cucinelli, King of cachemire, located at Solomeo, the Umbrian town that he contributed to restore. 

“There are experiences for which the richest of the planet, those who love beautiful things and of quality, are willing to pay even with important sums, searching for unique and exclusive holidays”, Paolo Zegna, Chairman of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Vice-President of Fondazione Altagamma that brings together all the best Italian brands declare to La Repubblica. And specifically for Altagamma the “big” of Made in Italy have all that is needed to intercept the market of the most demanding travellers, those 2.5 million of foreign multimillionaires who every year visit our Country. To perfect the offer, Altagamma asked for the support of the tour operator IC Bellagio which offers, since 1999, trips to Chairmen of American Multinationals. “We have 4 thousand clients in all and a turnover of about 11 million Euros”, said Andrea Grisdale, Founder of IC Bellagio “and we understood that what most interests millionaires is to immerge into the culture of a Country, simple things such as a mozzarella in Puglia together with the producers, to be able to tell friends: I did something you haven’t done”.  

Even though the project – called Altagamma Italian Experiences by IC Bellagio – is still in embrioni phase, there are already many ideas. Zegna for example can host one of the prestigious tourists in his natural oasis around the town of Trivero on the Biella Alps. Perhaps spending some hours together with him in the personal fishing reserve. “Our objective”, added the Vice President of Altagamma “is that of offering these guests who can afford to spend even a thousand Euros a day for unique experiences so that they can go back home talking enthusiastically of our brands. And for this we are ready to put ourselves in first place personally.”

The project, which should start in mid-2017, has solid foundations: a recent survey Demopolis reveals that rich people are increasing, and 62 tycoons in the world have the same wealth as 3.6 billion people. Obviously, even the demand for extra-luxury travel increases and Italy is among the most desirable incoming destinations: today it stands in fifth place in the world for the number of foreign visitors. 


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