Professionals, how to change job without the boss getting to know: LinkedIn Open Candidates arrives at work

The world changes, the job market changes and even the offer and the search for professionals – including those that operate in the communications and events sector – moves onto socials. LinkedIn, a network specialised in the publication of professional profiles and curriculum vitae, is well aware of this and has just presented the new function Open Candidates.

The departure point is only one: “who has never looked for a new job without their boss knowing?”. Departing from this consideration LinkedIn created Open Candidates, allowing the world to know that you are ready to take new work offers into consideration without the current boss getting to know. The function of this procedure that guarantees anonymity is easy: in the page Work of the social, under preferences one can activate the function, selecting the kind of work one is looking for. The availability of considering new offers is seen by recruiters, who use a Premium version of LinkedIn, but not by the recruiters of one’s own company or connected companies. 

“The greatest difficulty of those looking for work on our social network, today, is that their profiles indicate where they work currently, but not where they would like to go”, explained Eddie Vivas, Head of the Department Talent Solutions of LinkedIn, as reported by La Stampa. “For them, Open Candidates can be a great opportunity”. Open Candidates is at the moment available in USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, on the mobile and desktop versions of the professional social network. The global launch, including Italy, will “soon” happen, reassures the company.

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