Reggia di Caserta: the Italian Versailles opens the doors to weddings for foreign couples

Confirmation arrives from the Director of the Reggia di Caserta, Mauro Felicori. “The Reggia will open up to weddings, at least for the civil ones”, he declared to the press, and as reported by both the daily Il Mattino as well as Vesuvio live. A marvellous location, that has been always chosen by local couples from the whole Campania region for photos on the day of the wedding. Now the Italian Versailles will open also to ceremonies, including those by foreign guests who wish to get married in Italy. 

The requests, after all, are already many: various signals have arrived from Indian, Chinese and Brazilian buyers particularly. And there will be many more, because the Reggia di Caserta is one of the most desirable international wedding destinations. All the appeal of the marvellous Campania estates has emerged also during the Buy Wedding in Italy, the two day event held in Bologna which acted as meeting point between demand and offer of the wedding department, with particular reference to the opportunities for foreigners of getting married in exclusive locations in Italy. “There will be no desecration of the monument”, assures the Director Felicori. “We have the possibility of gaining a very interesting part of the market. Obviously everything has to be compatible with the needs of preservations of the UNESCO site and as a guarantee of the fluxes of visitors, apart from happening in total safety for everyone.”

With safety and the protection of the monumental site being the priority, experts have already identified some spaces that can be used: “On the first floor the Aeronautica has freed up many halls that can become perfect once set up properly, then there are the courtyards and the park”, adds the Director. He also has other projects planned, as declared to the Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno: “We could consider also the possibility of a package that includes the first night, to be spent perhaps at San Leucio. It is the Mayor who decides where weddings can be celebrated. All we need is his decision and we’re good to go.”




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