Robotic butlers, enhanced reality and dreams on demand: a study reveals how the hotels of the future will be

According to the study Hotels of the Future di Hotels.com, travellers can expect, by 2060, to be able to check-in in a hotel on Mars, to experience enhanced reality, artificial intelligence, beds change shape, robotics, interaction via touchscreen with every object, hyper connectivity and much more. Hotels.com collaborated with the famous futurologist James Canton from the Institute for Global Futures to create the study that reveals how travel experience and hotel stay will change in a year, 25 and also in 2060. In the future, the way in which travellers choose a destination, book a trip, transfer and live the stay will be completely different. “The future of the travel sector is exciting: thanks to the predictive analysis of data will allow to predict the wishes of clients based on their activities before the booking. The same booking of the hotel will be facilitated by software agents based on artificial intelligence, which use data mining and intuitive computing. The new science of trip design will allow to create highly personalised stay experiences. And all this does not end at check-out: the new data collected will guarantee an eternal travel satisfaction.” Here are some anticipations on how hotels in 2060 might be.

Robotic butlers: independent robots can be programmed online before arrival with particular capabilities, capacities, languages and knowledge to help make the hotel stay extraordinary. They will do everything, welcome a guest at the airport, offer gourmet food, arranging the room to keeping company, instructing a guest and entertaining them, up to corporate advise and concierge services. 

3D printers in every room: goodbye luggage. 3D printers will make possible the creation of desired objects, such as a new pair of shoes, clothes, medicine, even a computer or smartphone. 

Dreams on request: travellers of the future will be able to choose their dreams before going to sleep. Hotels will give guests access to neuro-technology to programme their dreams and choose between a relaxing dream, energising, instructive or fun.

Airport transfers in the future: transfers in 2060 will have avant-garde technologies and will be super fast. They will include, also, auto-driving cars, flying robot cars that will avoid traffic and Hyperloop: supersonic airplanes that will travel hundreds of kilometres in few seconds.  

Travel avatar: booking one’s hotel will be made directly by one’s travel avatar: a digital agent. Avatars will communicate, negotiate and will plan the whole travel experience – maximum care for the client

Eco-sustainable hotels: many hotels are already focused on eco-sustainability, but in the future all hotels will be completely eco-friendly. They will excel in energy efficiency, they will acquire and sell new renewable energies, will use “safe and clean” products apart from the latest solar and a geo-thermic technologies and will have a limited carbon footprint.

Enhanced reality hotels: travellers will have the possibility of staying in hotels that will be partly real and partly virtual. Whereas virtual reality is a simple reconstruction of a typical context of life, the experience of enhance reality merges the physical world to virtual reality. In this way millions of innovative scenarios will be possible.

Smart hotel rooms: by 2060, the rooms will also be personalised, smart and technological up to the smallest detail. It will include: entrance to the room through facial recognition or multiple sensors adapted to the guest, interactive TV, totally touchscreen surfaces, reactive and interactive; bathrooms will have fixtures and mirrors that will project news in real time in streaming; personalised beds and cushions that auto-regulate based on neurological feedback. Finally, everyone will be able to live personalised experiences in their room such as look at a hologram of a concert.



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