Rome is the favourite Italian destination by European travellers. Milan and Catania are also appreciated

Rome has been the most sought after city by Europeans who decided to travel to Italy in 2016. This is the information given by the search engine for flights and hotels Jetcost, according to which the Capital, thanks to the charm of its history and  antiquities, side by side to modern buildings designed by the best architects of the world, has been the most sought after destination by Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and Dutch travellers, and the second choice for Russians. 

Rome has also been among the most chosen destination by Italians last year, obtaining the fourth place in the classification of preferences. Even Milan, among the world capitals of fashion, attracted many foreigners, so much as to be the most sought after city by Italians and Russians to spend some days, and in second place for the Spanish, the Portuguese, the English and the Dutch, whereas the French have placed it in third place and the Germans in fourth. 

Another favourite destination is Sicily, with Catania, second preferred destination by German travellers, third for the Russians and sixth for the British, is among the top ten most preferred cities by the French and the Spanish. Moreover, Palermo has been the fifth favourite destination for the French and among the first ten preferred by Spanish, Portuguese, British, Germans and Russians. Veneto also has a very good position by European visitors, with Venice second favourite designation for the French and third for the Spanish, Portuguese, English, fourth for the Dutch and Russians. And Verona, thanks to the myth of Romeo and Juliette, has obtained the entry in the top ten of preferred destinations by Portuguese and Dutch. 

Florence, in Tuscany, with its monuments, has been in third place in the preference of the Germans and Dutch, fourth for the Spanish, fifth for Portuguese and British and sixth for the French whereas Pisa, has been the fifth most sought city by the Dutch and among the eight most wanted by Spanish, Portuguese and English. Naples, on the other hand, with its historic centre being declared World Heritage by Unesco, has placed as the fourth most sought city in 2016 by French, fifth for Germans, sixth for Spanish and Dutch and seventh for the Portuguese. Lastly, Bologna has been among the favourite five destinations by Spanish and Russians, and Bari, in Puglia, is in sixth place among the most preferred destinations by Germans and Russians. 



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