Rome: the city of the Great Beauty is the most loved by Europeans

Rome is the favourite Italian destination by Europeans. According to the data processed by the search engine for flights and hotels Jetcost, that analyses periodically the researches done through the website, during the summer months (20th June – 20th September) the Capital has been the favourite Italian city for Spanish, Portuguese, British, French and Dutch, and second for Germans. However even the Italians love the Capital city, its history and artistic heritage, and place it in third place. Very popular is also Venice, second most wanted destination by British and French, third for the Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch. It is also much loved by the Italians. 

At the top of the list is also Milan, the Lombard capital, which after Expo 2015 continues to be successful. Big, lively and dynamic, according to Jetcost it places as second preferred destination for the Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, third for the British and French and seventh for the Germans. And even the Italians love Milan: it is the second most wanted destination to spend some days there. Going south, Catania represents the ideal destination for many. Perfect also as departure point to visit East Sicily or one of the many Sicilian islands. Even Florence is in an excellent position, fourth favourite destination for Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, fifth for the British and seventh for the French. 

Yet there are another two cities that, year after year, attract more and more European tourists, so much as to make it into the top ten of favourite destinations: these are Naples and Pisa, with their history and their monuments, the first with its historic centre declared UNESCO World Heritage site, and the second with the splendid monumental complex of Piazza dei Miracoli. 

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