Rome, the Fuksas Nuvola: soon there will be an open day to visit it, a promise by the Chairman of Eur Spa

After 18 years of wait and 8 years of building site, now the Roma Convention Centre La Nuvola has become a reality. A grand project – which took a long time to be completed – inaugurated in the past days in the presence of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and which today is ready to be discovered by the public.

“What has just passed has been a week of great relaunch for EUR. We inaugurated the Nuvola and reopened the Luneu (a historic Roman entertainment park, editor’s note). With the Nuvola we intend to project Rome in the great market of conference tourism”: a week from the official debut of the brand new conference center of Rome, the Chairman of Eur Spa Roberto Diacetti is satisfied. And regarding the work designed by the archistar Massimiliano Fuksas, Diacetti declared at the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, the radio of the Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano, that the complex will be soon open: “We are working to create the conditions to allow all the citizens and all visitors can visit it. We want to have an open day, one, two dedicated weekends, so that the conference center can be visited. We want to organise guided tours inside the Nuvola, though it must be kept in mind that it is not a museum, it is a conference centre. We are looking for the right way and by the end of the month we will open an open day.”

In the meantime, the city celebrates the new architectural building, which changed the skyline of the Eur. The Roma Convention Center La Nuvola is outside the futuristic building, that recalls an extraterrestial object, but that hides within it the ultimate performing auditorium of 1,850 seated places, the Nuvola, which “floats” in a steel and glass structure 40 metres high, 70 wide and 175 long. And, about numbers, those of the Nuvola – which in the end has kept this name – are impressive: a built surface of 58,500 metres squared, apart from 280 thousand cubic metres, 42 thousand glass panels, 18 thousand tons of steel, 18 thousand metres squared of wooden flooring, 9 escalators among the highest of Europe, 28 elevators, 16 conference halls for a total of 8,000 seated places and 600 car slots in the underground parking area. 

Just as important are the numbers that are expected from the performance of the conference centre: it should produce a business turnover of 350 million per year, coming from the convention compartment. The first international contract has been signed with the International Bar Association, which will bring to Rome in October 2018, 6 thousand lawyers. 



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