Teambuilding at Zoomarine: when your coach is a dolphin

Dolphins, seals and sea lions: these are the new coaches for managers and company directors looking for original but efficient teambuilding. And there is no need to travel to the other side of the world: launching the initiative is in fact Zoomarine, the largest marine park in Italy, in Torvaianica, in the province of Rome. 

The park is offering a new technique of building leadership and to manage work groups, based on the relation between man and marine animals. Zoomarine hosts dolphins, sea lions, seals, tropical birds and birds of prey, penguins, pelicans and flamingos, for a total of 252 animals of 40 different species. The team working programme, reports Ansa, refers to top managers as well as employees and collaborators in general. The interaction with dolphins, seals and sea lions will take place through a narrative story that includes the participation of the guests in a real story, an interactive game centred around various plots, built according to the needs of the company and the participants. One of the actions, for example, includes a hypothetical theft of some animals of the park and the need to save them, exposing their kidnappers through a network of hints. The animals themselves will communicate these hints, with the aid of marine mammal experts and actors.

An interactive experience of about 4 hours to teach teamwork, problem solving, leadership. “Company managers and employees will discover, thanks to this programme, how to enhance and improve their own communication skills and their leadership. It is extraordinary to observe which empathy and solidarity mechanisms can generate the relation with the animals, especially with dolphins and marine animals in general”, says Renato Lenzi, CEO of Zoomarine Italia. 

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