The best company to work in in Italy? Hilton beats them all thanks to the balance between personal life time and business

Great Place to Work announced the list of Best Workplaces 2017 companies: the best Italian  work environments according to an analysis that takes into consideration parameters such as the organisational atmosphere and the management policies of the collaborators. 

The classification, reports AdnKronos, includes three sections: Large Companies (companies with more than 500 collaborators), Medium Companies (companies from 50 to 499 collaborators) and Small Companies (companies from 20 to 49 collaborators). The classification of Large Companies sees in first place the hotel group Hilton which gains four places compared to last year and leaves behind it ConTe.it – Admiral Group plc (insurance) and American Express (financial services). The podium for Medium Companies sees on top Cisco Systems (It), followed by Amgen (Biotechnologies) and Vetrya (It). Lastly, for the Small Companies first place goes to Cadence Design Systems (It), the second to Volvo Servizi Finanziari (Credit) and the third to ETAss (Human Resources). 

An important fact is that during the compilation of the votes, the opinion of the workers is very valued: their judgement weighs for two thirds of the whole mark. “From this year’s research, carried out on 122 companies and based on over 60 thousand answers to our questionnaires, we can confirm the very close relation between business growth and internal atmosphere: whereas the 45 Best grow by 12.61%, Istat data is frozen to 2.28%. Moreover, this year we focalised on work spaces, showing that those who invest on modern offices, flexible and innovative, has a direct return on the atmosphere and consequently on the productivity of the people”, comments Alessandro Zollo, CEO of Great Place to Work Italia. 

For Andrea Montuschi, Chairman of Great Place to Work Italia, “the determining factors in the analysis of the best companies for which to work in Italy are acknowledgement for a job well done, the support of the managers and the company welfare. Regarding policies, one can also say that today the Best, more than balancing moments of personal life with moments of work, aim at the harmony of both for the advantage of each one”, he concludes. 

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