The debut of Altezza Duomo: in Milan the first location that relates the informal aspect of exclusivity

Fresh from its inauguration, hot as only the best tradition can be. This is, very briefly, the “soul” of Altezza Duomo, the location that has just opened in the centre of Milan, very close to the Madonnina and the Teatro alla Scala. A modern space, welcoming and sophisticated, which is both a shop – in the highest terms possible – and restaurant. All this with one of the most beautiful views of the city. 

The project came about with the aim of making accessible to all, Milanese, Italians and foreign visitors, the best national and non food products, carefully selected among the top producers. A space where all can be discovered and tasted, in a double itinerary of the senses and in a atmosphere that recalls that of long ago stores: the specialties – all for sale – can be tasted both at the table or standing up, in a joyful context that invites to share. 

Naturally, the food and wine excellencies offered – mainly representing the highest Italian tradition – can also be tasted under the form of recipes created by the talented hands of the starred chef Luca Marchini. Among the experimental experiences, certainly that of the Antipasto Italian style is what stands out mostly, based on characteristic tastes of our homeland: cold or hot, it foresees little or no work at all and excellent pure combinations. The best way to enhance the quality of the prime materials in all their simplicity. Perfect therefore for informal meetings with a high rate of taste and emotion, Altezza Duomo proposes itself as the ideal location for events capable of “relating” our food and wine culture, in a spirit of sharing and pleasantness. 

It intends to be a welcoming space, that relates the informal of exclusivity of the product, the place were to find the familiar habit of conviviality, tasting together a plate of the best traditions. An experience  that will be treasured for a long time. 


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