The Italian brand grows in value: Italy is in ninth place among other most performing nations on the planet

The value of the “brand Italy” grows in the world and in 2016 the estimate of its turnover has exceeded 1,500 billion dollars. Italy, therefore, is positioned in ninth place among the most performing 100 Countries of the planet. 

The data emerges from a new research “Brand Finance Nation Brands”, that every year prepares a list of Nations with the most solid brand and appreciated on a worldwide level: practically, an estimate is prepared of the possible turnover produced through the calculation of future royalties. The “Nation Brands” research, carried out by the specialised British company Brand Finance, uses the same method used to estimate the value of most of the companies worldwide, elaborating data provided by international organisations and market research companies (such as the World Economic Forum, GfK, fDi Intelligence, IMD). 

The results for 2016 confirm that USA is in first place of the classification of the 100 leading countries, with an estimate of a turnover of the brand of 20,574 billion dollars (+4% compared to 2015). China is stable in second place (7,087 billion dollars, +12%), followed by Germany even though in slight decline (3,882 billion, -7%) and Japan (3,002 billion, +18%). Italy confirms its position in ninth place, with an estimate of future turnovers of the “tricolour brands” of 1,521 billion dollars, registering a discreet increase compared to the 1,445 billion of 2015 (+5%). Following our Country, are Australia (1,305 billion, -7%) and the Netherlands (1,121 billion, +12%). Right at the bottom of the list are Cyprus and Camerun (both with 10 billion). 

The data is communicated in occasion of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair (BLTF), the only Italian fair appointment of the licence buying-selling sector and the development of products based on established brands and properties that will be held from the 3rd to the 5th April in the Fair Grounds of Bologna. 

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