The miracle event: the setting by Christo brings 500,000 visitors to Lake Iseo

An explosion of visitors on Lake Iseo, for the success of The Floating Piers, the floating facility set up of about 15 days in June by Christo. The Brescian locality has in fact communicated the final data for the flows related to the eco of the great event, that has had an international repercussion. 

From January to August arrivals have increased by 45% (+105% in June) whereas the presences is of 33%. If this trend is kept, Iseo will surpass for the first time in its history the maximum number allowed of 500 thousand presences. At the end of 2015 these were in total 377 thousand. In March the presences grew by 131% and particularly in non hotel businesses they increased fourfold (+300&). The increase has remained constant even during the months after the piers with a +41% in July and a +11% in August. 

The data are “certainly attributed to the Christo effect – explains Riccardo Venchiarutti, Mayor of Iseo and Chairman of the AGT – but we would like to think that this is just a small part also due to the work of European promotion carried out in the last years thank also to a network of European lakes.” The 70 hotel and non-hotel facilities have registered a total of 440, 837 presences: of these 277 thousand were foreigners against the 162 thousand Italians. Yet once more, here is the confirmation that great events repay, and anyway, even in terms of turnover. 

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