The new Experience Centre of PwC has been inaugurated in Rome: it is here that companies 4.0 meet

PwC, the consulting multinational network launches the new Experience Centre of Rome. Made in collaboration with Google, it was created “with the aim of giving the major Italian private and public companies the possibility of experimenting with the most advanced technological tools necessary to face the challenges of the future, which seems to be bringing overwhelming transformations and to find rapidly innovative solutions to their problems.”

The Experience Centre inaugurated in the capital, at the offices of PwC in Largo Fochetti, is the largest of its kind in Europe: it is a large and colourful hub, aimed at co-planning. Here companies can face and solve all issues related to their development: from the analysis of their consumer habits through an ethnographic survey, to creating prototypes, both of physical objects as well as of software, with the help of the most innovative technologies, from virtual realities, to artificial intelligence, from robotics, to internet of things. 

“It is a futuristic environment where everything (walls, boards, desks, panels) can be decomposed and composed again changing every the time the spaces according to one’s needs, where it is possible to dialogue with an avatar robot that walks and reproduces live all facial expressions and the words of a person that lives in New York or dive in a virtual scenario at 360 degrees in virtual reality, where one can view paper that talks, cups that communicate and where one can move images and texts with one’s hands from a wall to another, such as in the film Minority Report”, declares the company. 

“Today”, says Ezio Bassi, Territory Senior Partner of Pwc in Italy, “the ability of innovating and reviewing dynamically business models is at the base not only of success, but also of the survival of the companies. As a network, at PwC, we continue to accompany our clients in their innovation path, not only digitally, but by making sure that it is sustainable and capable of drastically and constantly improve the results. The Experience Centre is an important piece of this strategy.”




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