Travel for business? It is an incentive and an opportunity for employees. Even at the cost of earning less

A new survey reveals that 30% of business travellers is ready to accept a lower salary, in exchange of the possibility of travelling more for business. The study, commissioned by Booking.com Business, shows how company managers tend to underestimate business travel, considering it exclusively as “barter material” and an alternative in terms of salary and remuneration, or as incentive and occasion to motivate employees and entice them to remain in the company.

Starting from the results obtained, Booking.com Business identified a wider trend, where the border line between business trip and pleasure trip is becoming smaller. The data shows how about half of the business travellers interviewed (49%) decided to prolong a business trip booked in the last 12 months, to continue the stay in another city or country, with 27% of the participants convinced to do the same in 2017. According to the search this trend is re-confirmed in the new year, with 46% of those interviewed ready to travel more for business during 2017, compared to the year that has just ended. 

Looking closely at Italy, 28% of the business travellers interviewed declared to be ready of accepting a lower salary in exchange of more business trips. The data also revealed that 38% of business travellers has prolonged one’s business trip in a city or a different country in the last 12 months. 18% of these will do the same in 2017. According to Booking.com Business this trend will be reconfirmed in 2017 with 35% of those interviewed willing to travel more for business. Moreover, the research revealed that 48% of the people are ready to do the largest amount of activities possible when visiting a new destination. 22% of business travellers interviewed books their trip in national destinations one week before whereas 25% booked their international business trip at least a month before departure. 

Ripsy Bandourian, Director of Product Development for Booking.com Business comments: “Business trips are seen more as a waste of time or a bother, but they have become the perfect occasion to expand their horizons and give a boost to their career. The new generation of workers, nowadays always with the laptop in their bag, is definitely more “mobile” and fluid, above all when it comes to planning travel and finding a balance between business and free time, or bleisure (from the fusion  of “leisure” and “business”).

Consequently, the “new” employees expect to have employers that are capable of satisfying their increasing need of flexibility and fluidity, even at the cost of negotiating their remuneration.”




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