Travellers in Italy, the Big Data speak: wi-fi is a fundamental condition

Never without wi-fi. The connection to the network, fast and stable, is the fundamental asset of every receptive facility, from the most exclusive to the small hotel. Those who travel cannot live without and consider it an indispensable service, more so if one is travelling for business. 

This is one of the data collected by digItalyExperience, a report on the touristic image of Italy in the world, carried out by Almawave and EY and recently presented in Capri. The report, reports AGI, is the result of the parallel work of two methodologies and the integration of the results: on one hand a social web analysis on the users of the tourist services that has monitored over 21 million multi-lingual comments, and on the other a CATI survey with interview and questionnaires returned by 500 operators of the tourist offer. The result is an complete overview on the current situation of tourism Made in Italy. It tells, from various points of view, about the digital gap of this sector and how much and what can be done more for the promotion and positioning of the offer. As emphasised by Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave, and Donato Ferri, Transportation Mediterranean Leader for EY, social analytics help to read in real time the needs and the sentiments of travellers in their various phases of the trip. Over 20 million “conversations” in just over a month make up a unique heritage to support the creation of a new digital tourist offer. A fundamental fact, since 47% of travellers of the future will choose the destination and the way of travel that represents “who they are”, and therefore their physical and social identity. The so called Big-Data will thus be enablers of tourist development in that they will activate new forms of predictable marketing, promotions and personalised offers, brand reputation, new forms of loyalty and pricing of services. 

Almawave, a company of innovation technology of the Group AlmavivA, has gathered over 21 million messages on Twitter and Instagram channels during the period from the 1st August to the 15th September 2016, in Italian (45.9% of messages) and in English (54.1%). Over two thousand concepts and a set of key words have been identified and divided in over twenty areas of analysis (location, receptive facilities, events, sports, food and wine, transport and variety of means). From the quantitative and qualitative study of the Big Data gathered the opinions and perceptions of travellers on their travel experiences were derived, expressed spontaneously and without filters. Over 90% of the conversations regard the destination and the story of the experience lived. The social interaction in 72.9% of the cases occurs precisely during the trip itself, they relate their experiences to each other and comment experiences as they live them: this explains why connectivity is such an important element and the request of wi-fi is so diffused and essential. Before the trip (24.9% of the cases of social interaction) one connects to gather information and book. After the trip (2.2%) to leave their judgement on the facilities. 

Lazio (20.1%), Lombardy (18.8%), Tuscany (11.3%), Veneto (9.4%) and Sicily (8.7%) are the most mentioned Regions on social networks. The most nominated locations on social networks in August and September are Capri (9.4%), Amalfi (7%), Le Cinque Terre (5.2%), Riccione (4.3%) and Rimini (4.2%). The main topic, after the locations, is food and wine: it gathers 22.3% of the conversations on tourism in Italy and 60% of these are in the English language. Another theme that collects many points is that of transportation, mobility, connections and more generally the different ways of travelling, from which the expectancy for a larger interaction between operators emerges and for information on the integrated services. 



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